TITLE: Happy Sober Business: The Sexy, New Way to Success

Positive principles help people get serious about their personal and health goals, and they are the same ones that help you build a steady, income-producing, well-run business. Whether you’re a self-starting entrepreneur, or focused on career goals as an employed professional, recovery and leadership are intrinsically linked. Jen’s SOBER Success system works!

Get massive results by borrowing these strategies from people who love their sobriety.

In this tell-all session, you’ll learn:

  • Why “rock bottom” is a myth. How you can cultivate and direct a high-growth season that transforms your business or career. No need to “lose everything” before turning things around a little at a time!
  • The five components that encourage others to buy into your products and ideas, without being pushy.
  • The “Sober Mindset” that gives you an edge in business and separates you from every competitor in your field. (This has nothing to do with alcohol!)
  • How to implement the intentional practices “sober entrepreneurs” use, to clarify and intensify your vision.
  • Simple, no-cost ways to promote a culture of thoughtful, unhurried calm that attracts and converts people.
Business Coach and Content Marketer, Jen McGahan
Business Coach and Content Marketer, Jen McGahan

As a digital content marketing agency owner for over 12 years, Jen helped hundreds of online businesses develop remarkable brands and launch products and courses. As her successful online business grew, her personal life was on the skids. She can laugh about it now, but it was these behind-the-scenes insights that seeded the most surprising and positive new business growth!

With humor and warmth, Jen touches on stories of personal and family recovery, and how those insights impact the evolution and mission of one’s business.

Learn how recovery and leadership principles go hand in hand.