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Our Approach

We support and coach sober entrepreneurs.

What defines an entrepreneur?

  • Driven
  • Risk-taker
  • Individualistic
  • Audacious dreamer
  • Fast mover
  • Sees a single idea x 100

Whether you're just considering stopping drinking for awhile; have walked through the 12-steps or another cessation program; or just  quit on your own; you already intuitively know that a sober entrepreneur is more likely than than their drinking competitors to find spectacular success.

Other coaching programs don't account for women and men walking a sober path. We understand. We provide tools for business breakthroughs, along with the constructive language and background that acknowledges where you've been.

We dedicate our coaching to your business and personal success, because we're rooting for the whole person inside the entrepreneur.

Our Story

It started with an outline for a book about Happy Sober Business. (Coming in October 2018)

Many of the same principles that drive successful businesses are those that sober people use to stay grounded, healthy and mission-driven. We've done our research and talked to plenty of sober entrepreneurs.

Additionally, with a new, sober outlook, many people discover an entrepreneurial side just waiting to get out there. Maybe this is your story, too.

If so, the future has never looked so bright.

Not broken, just better.

I don't believe we're broken. Sobriety is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself. It reveals dreams, launches new projects, and creates harmony in your life.  If you love your sobriety and want to build a business (or transform the one you have), then I'd be honored to work with you.

Marketing and Business Coach, Jen McGahan

Meet Jen

As the founder and owner of a digital marketing agency, Jen McGahan helped start hundreds of successful online businesses. Her background in copywriting, blogging and social media marketing led her to coach business owners to produce income fast without the chaos.

Jen understands the rush and challenges of recovery, too. Business is exciting, and so worth the personal investment, but it should never become an addiction in itself, nor cost you years of frustration and money.

"I'm a health nut. When I decided to go all in with sobriety, my business breathed with new life."

Building on business principles through the lens of recovery, she developed a coaching system for sober entrepreneurs and other bold business people. Her unique SOBER® Coaching System is for you if you're ready to create an accountability plan proven to grow your business and make you money.

Next Steps...

Let's get this thing off the ground, shall we? Book an hour with me and I'll share how our coaching programs help business owners reach their income, organizational and lifestyle goals.